I use photography and art in my life to work through things. I like to revisit my old works because they show me exactly where I was at that moment and whatever I was puzzling through.

Um Dinge in meinem Leben zu verarbeiten, nutze ich die Fotografie und Kunst. Ich kehre gern zu alten Arbeiten zurück, da sie mir zeigen, an welchem Punkt ich war in diesem bestimmten Moment, und was mich bewegte

Cooper Union

cu tn

At 41 Cooper Square, right in the center of NYCs punk heart - the East Village - the architect Thom Mayne has created a true reason to stop for a moment and wonder. ..... {go to Cooper Union}


iac tn

IAC - InterActiveCorp . office building . architect: Frank Gehry . completed: 2007..... { go to IAC}

Silver Towers

st tn

Even though more and more high rise buildings joined the former low rise facades along Houston street in the last decades, the heads of I.M. Pei's....{ go to Silver Towers }

NYC icons

nyc icons tn

{go to NYC Icons}

Governors Island

cu tn

The island that fell through time. Governors Island, previously a Coast Guard base until it's been closed down completely in 1995 ..... {go to Governors Island}

Red Hook

rh tn

Brooklyn . New York City . USA.... {go to Red Hook}


residential tn

New York City . USA - Kulusuk . Greenland..... {go to a Residential}


exterior tn

I'm interested in the aesthetics of our built environment. Often the buildings that I choose to photograph are far away from.... {go to Exterior}


interior tn

My interior photographs are an intuitive response to something that for me seems whole and balanced. This does not mean perfection in conventional ways at all. .... {go to Interior}


portraiture tn

More than any other genre in photography the art of portraiture will never tire of finding ways to keep the integrity of a moment and capture the interaction between two people - the subject and the photographer - in a rectangular frame..... {go to portraiture}

Fairy tales

fairy tales tn

When we think of fairy tales, what comes first to our minds? Fairy tales are simple. It all begins with "once upon a time" and ends up with "and they all live happily ever after", there is always a heroine, a hero and a villain that is either a witch, a stepmother or a monster.... { go to fairy tales}

dog perspectives

dog perspective tn

Assuming that dogs need space, the wideness of the countryside and freedom beyond the end of a leash it always surprises me to see so many dogs roaming everywhere in NYC....{ go to dog perspectives }

still life

still life tn

Sometimes a photograph of an object is just another object....but every now and then it's so much more....
{go to still life}

naturally urban

naturally urban tn

I think we fall in love with a place or thing for the same reasons that we fall in love with people. These reasons are rational, emotional and often unexplainable, and in the end it is all a question of point of viewing, perspective, scale and exploration.... {go to naturally urban}

to a vanished friend

vanished friend tn

I cannot overestimate how crucial good friends are to my life's journey. My friends are my annalists, supporters, fear defenders and secret keepers and the thought of one of them no longer being a part of my life seems to be impossible.... {go to a vanished friend}