tn inwood

Before the street grids, urban planning and landfills, before the concrete, brick or asphalt, before the fountains, parks and gardens... {go to In:Wood}

a paradise lost

paradise lost tn

In summer 2011 I made repeat visits to Governors Island, drawn to the vulnerability and mournfulness of the deserted buildings edging into ...... {go to A Paradise Lost}

Edition of One

tn 002

I appreciate seeing the peoples hand in the world and especially in an art piece...... { go to Edition Of One}

A Sense of Topophilia

topo tn

Topophilia describes the affective relationship between an human being and a place, literally the love for a place (Greek: topo= place and -philia= love for) The way people relate to..... { go to A Sense Of Topophilia}

in another place

st houses tn

There is the place, the moment, the impulse, the intuition, the certainty, the focus.... {go to In Another Place}

quotidian treasures

qotiditan tn

There are moments that can be found throughout any given day that bring enchantment. But do we see the world of little.... { go to Quotidian Treasures}


threshold tn

As much as I embrace the opportunities that the digital imaging processes offer us these days I generally use it in a very careful.... {go to Thresholds}

Neue Heimat

tn church1

Most recently I started to photograph the remains of the golden age of the German Breweries in New York as the few structures..... { go to Neue Heimat}